Amazing artwork!

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I was so impressed by the effort everyone put into their homework project this week! We presented our work today and we all thought they were fantastic – some children found out facts about Monet, some created wonderful pictures and some even did both! What a fantastic job – and presented so confidently too!

I hope you all got your invitations for Wednesday – we are very excited! It will be great to get the chance to celebrate the wonderful year we have had together – can’t believe how quickly it has gone!!

Have a great weekend everyone!




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Wonderful waterlilies!

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This week we have been learning about the artist, Claude Monet! We looked at some of his paintings of waterlilies and we thought that we would make some of our own. Some of us used oil pastels, some used fingerpainting and some used both techniques to create a dreamy, light effect. I was so impressed with the results, I am sure you will agree from the photos!

Fraser U said “I liked Monet’s paintings because they were really good. I liked the way they were blended and blurry!”

Kara and Lois liked getting messy with the paint and pastels and liked looking at Monet’s paintings!

We also worked hard this week getting our plants labelled and ready for selling at tomorrow’s Summer Fayre! We are very excited and hope to see lots of you there!!

Top bloggers this week are……Kara and Lois!! Well done girls!!


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Summer Fayre!

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We have been working very hard in P1B to get ready for the Summer Fayre! We have made some beautiful minibeasts using modelling clay which will be available to buy – as you can see from the photos they did a fantastic job! Also the children have all planted sunflower seeds and we are taking very good care of them so they will be ready for the Gardening Stall.

Today we worked with our buddies in P5/6 to make Golden Tickets for their stall – if you take in a jar filled with something (it can be anything you like!) you get a Golden Ticket! This gives you the chance to get first choice of all the jars at 10:30 and possibly you might get the gigantic jar, which will be filled with goodies! Thank you so much to everyone who has already brought in a filled jar or things for the hamper too!

We are all so excited about the Summer Fayre and hope to see you all there! It’s wonderful to see everyone working as a team and we think it will be a great day!

Top bloggers this week are ……Ben, Grace H and Josh! Well done!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone – see you all on Tuesday!!


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Beautiful Butterflies!

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What an exciting week – the butterflies are here! We fed them with some flower petals and orange juice – thank you Andrew!- and waited until their wings had hardened and they were ready to fly. Today our buddies came down from P5/6 and we released them into the garden! It was lovely when one of them flew high into the sky and we all waved goodbye! Now we are waiting on the next lot of caterpillars being ready for their cocoons!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!




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The Bug Man!

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What an exciting time we had last week when Mr Martin came in with all his amazing creatures! We got to touch some and get a really close look at the others! We learned loads about what makes an insect an insect! As you can see from the photos we all loved our visit and found out so much Рthank you to the kind parents who provided this for us!

It was another exciting moment when we released our ladybirds into the garden. The boys and girls were very gentle putting them out onto some nice leaves, and it was lovely to see lots of children “on guard” over playtime, checking to see they were ok and nobody was standing on them!!

Our butterflies are still on their cocoons – any day now!!

Also this week, as some parents have been enjoying at home (!) we learned the sound “oy”! In maths we have been doing lots of counting backwards – it’s much trickier than forwards! We also learned about different coins and tried adding them together.

What a busy week – have a good rest and a lovely weekend everyone! Top bloggers this week…………Grace H, Corey and Alasdair! Well done – 20 House Points each!!


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The Very Hungry Caterpillars!

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It’s been a very exciting week for the caterpillars! When we got them they were so tiny but have grown and grown and grown……… til on Wednedsay we realised they were ready to go into their cocoons! They were all hanging upside down in a “j” shape and you could see their silk threads! Grace put them into their Hatching Habitat and we think they will take about another week to turn into butterflies. The children are all so excited – it’s the first thing they check every morning! We’ll keep you posted!

We also went on a Minibeast Hunt outside – it was fun! We recorded all the bugs we found and Josh was our photographer – we hope you like the photos!

This week we learned the sound”ou” and also that “ow” makes the same sound! We know so many two-sers now – and are really good at spotting them when we are reading!

In maths we have been doing lots of counting – backwards is still a bit tricky but we are getting better and better. We go to really big numbers now! We are also practising getting all our numbers the right way round and checking our work when we have finished – we want to have them perfect for Primary 2!

Thank you for all your hard work this week P1B – you have all been stars! Have a great weekend everyone – thank you for all the wonderful comments! Top bloggers this week were……Grace H and Ben!! Well done and 20 House Points each – I love everyone’s comments!!


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Our Amazing Assembly!

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What a brilliant job P1B did with our class assembly! I was so proud of them I could burst! Hope you like the photos – sorry they have come out a bit dark. Everyone spoke so clearly and confidently and sang our song beautifully too. A special thank you to Katie who took over Charlotte’s part on the day when poor Charlotte wasn’t well.

It’s been such an exciting week with our assembly, the caterpillars growing and growing, and also putting all our work in our portfolios! I won’t say too much about what we have been learning this week because you will get to see it all next week when the children get their portfolios home. I hope you will all be very proud of the excellent progress they have made so far – I know I am!!

Top bloggers this week….Lois and Ben!! Well done – 20 House Points each!! I love seeing your comments each week!!

Keep up the good work everyone – you are star learners and performers!!


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